Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Eulogy of John Something-Something

Don't prey on your self esteem, there's no renewable resource in that. When it's gone, it's gone.

Influences wipe my mind of its own thought. I speak in cliche because that's all there is to say. Nothing new. Nothing ground breaking. Thought provoking. Filled with new distinction never thought of until this very moment, when blechlatablaya becomes something truer than "love". truer than "truth". The writer loses always, perpetually. A game played with poison can never be won by players or the audience. Poisonous words inflict in the mind the sub-servant thoughts it now speaks. love, hate, pride, freedom, patriotism, creativity, plaid suits and pink ties. Funny little hats and power chords.

"The necessity of action is in all forms of thought the main conspirator"- Dr. Jonathon C. Whogivesafuck, professor of Thought and Culture, University State College of Western Explicicity, (1954-2009). Shot dead on Oct. 22nd by everyone and on his own accord, to stifle his thoroughly uninspired ramblings.

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